Some forms in Adobe Reader (pdf format) requiring entry of data can be completed on your computer, enabling you to print the completed forms and submit the printed copy to the Mississippi Insurance Department (MID) by mail or fax. Such forms are not "online forms", as they do not allow you to post the results directly to MID. Please follow the instructions below when using pdf forms located on the MID website.

  • Click in the form field boxes to obtain a cursor
  • Type your text
  • Once your text is entered in a form field box, hit the Enter or Tab keys to commit the text. (Otherwise, your text will not not appear in print.)
  • Enter percentages with the decimal point placed first. Example: Enter 3 percent as .03 and then press the Enter key.
  • Once the form is completed, print the form on your printer and mail it with any necessary accompanying information addressed to the appropriate division at Mississippi Insurance Department, P.O. Box 79, Jackson, MS 39205

If you have questions concerning the usage of pdf forms, email the MID webmaster.